What We Do

This is who we are.

Since 1994, Pixelwerx has been providing bleeding-edge technology solutions to clients of every shape and size.We are a tightly integrated group of professionals who share a passion for all things digital. Our strength comes from a steady diet of caffeine and information, and we thrive under pressure. We live technology. We breathe technology.Simply put, Technology is more than just our job…It is our life.

Brief History

Pixelwerx sprang to life in 1994 as a computer graphics company, providing affordable design services to local printing businesses. With the advent of the information age and the increasing popularity of the Internet, the company developed new core-competencies and shifted it’s focus to network technologies such as information management and network infrastructure.

So what are we doing these days?

More than two decades later, Pixelwerx has evolved into a full-service technology and network service provider specializing in support for Cisco Systems, Microsoft Server Technologies and the Microsoft Office family of products, as well as web applications like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and countless server, desktop, and vertical market applications. And, our experience with niche services, such as network security and auditing, has earned us a place on a short list of companies qualified to fulfill outsourced projects from some the largest service providers in the industry.